Expected Bridge Layouts.

These screens and the others planned are expected to be setup in the following layouts.

Standard layout

This layout is the default expected layout, with all crew members in the same physical location.

Standard Bridge Layout

The system is designed to allow for multiple view screens so the additional main and side views are optional. This diagram shows 3 displays for each station, allowing for extended screens. This is optional as well. In this layout communications is handled by the captain’s station.

Remote Crew Layout

This layout is setup to allow some crew members to be located remotely from the main crew. It is best if the helm and tatcial stations can be located as close to the main system as possible for the lowest latency of inputs, so this layout has sciences and engineering being remote, each with their own copy of the main view screen.

Remote Bridge Layout

Extended Bridge Layout

Below is an example of an “ultimate” bridge layout, with numerous external displays and separate stations for nearly every role.

Extended Bridge Layout

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