The tactical station shares a number of elements with the navigation station, for consistency in interface

Control Sections

(A) Main Map
The main map is identical to map from navigation, just with more section options for targeting and firing arcs.

(B) Mini Map
Again, identical to the mini map from navigation

(C) Motion Display
Tactical has the same motion display as navigation, just without the flight assist or all stop controls.

(D) Shield Inspector
The shield inspector is on the tactical display as well, with additional controls to bring the shields up or down as needed.

(E) Beam Weapons
All available beam weapons are listed and can be controlled individually or as a group. The current power and charge level of each weapon is shown along with controls to fire them individually. Beams can be placed in auto mode to have them fire at their current target when fully charged. Optionally different beams can be assigned to different targets as needed.

(F) Missile Weapons
All available missile launchers are listed and can be controlled individually or as a group like beams. The current loading status of each launcher is shown with options to load/unload or fire each tube. The stores list shows available munitions and is used to select what each launcher is loaded with.

(G) Tactical Database
This is a specialized version of the navigational database that shows detailed tactical information about objects or selected targets. The tactical officer can look up known ship types in the databases in order to make the best tactical decisions possible, such as known weaknesses or common tactics.

(H) Target Information
The currently selected target is shown here, and displays an overview of its overall structural integrity and shield strength. A small shield inspector shows known data about the targets individual shields as well as the vector of any inbound weapons to the target.

(I) Ship Status
Like navigation, tactical has a simplified engineering overview to show general ship status.

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